Sustainable Mobility Forum

Sustainable Mobility Forum was a truly unique opportunity where everyone was able to meet and speak to the representatives of the top management companies, such as ČEZ, PRE, Land Rover, Toyota, Eurowag, EY, BMW and other, that focused their speech on sustainable and the future of mobility.

The opening was held by Petr Karel, London Market, BCC Sustainability WG Chairman and Vice Chairman of the BCC Board.


The speakers discussed the future and vision of sustainable transport, how and with what we will transport ourselves and goods with in the near future, and where we will get our sufficient fuel and energy resources from.

The speech was followed by networking.

The event was split into three main topics:

  • Car Mobility and Various Approaches to Propulsion (hybrid, hydrogen, battery, conventional)
  • How to ensure sufficient fuel for the future
  • Sustainable Road and Air transport


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